Game Design Masterclass 4 in 1

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History of Games

From the first game ever created to the newest generations.


Learn by practice, create projects and answer to quizzes.

Game Industry

Learn about how the Industry works and how to best fit in according to your skilss.

Level Design

Learn to design levels, how to enter the player's mind and balance with mathematics.

Programming, Audio and Image

You'll understand the basics of programming, audio and image using with free softwares.

Project Management

Learn to manage teams using the kanban technique and the Game Design Document Template.

Prototyping and Licensing

Prototype Digital or Board games quickly and learn to find assets for commercial projects.

Monetization and Launch

Choose the best monetization technique and best platform to launch each type or project.

Instructor John Haste

A tech lover, created the blog Games Parati in 2009 to help people with softwares and videoclasses.

Graduated in Information Technology by TECPUCPR.

Majoring in Information Systems in the Technological University of Parana (Brazil).

Has worked with Databases in the multinational HQS+, developed Web Systems and Applications in the Startup Accelerator Hotmilk and at the Educational Software Company SITE.

In 2016 founded the One Day Code to teach people how to create apps, websites and games without coding.

In 2017 founded, alongside 3 partners, the CodeHow Company, teaching programming logic to kids.

Programmed and Launched the apps Save My Night, Vestfoco and Hoby Box.


Happy Students






Average Rating

"The lectures are relatively short and hit on basic core elements. At first it seems incredibly underwhelming but those core points truly are the main focuses of basic game design elements. The further into the course I got, the more I felt it was worth what I paid."

Paul Ramberg Pihl

"I'm studying about games to build my first one, this course gave me a good foundation, and now I know a few more topics I should study to get a better grasp at game design. Excellent for an introduction course!"

Carlos Vieira

"The course has been helping me to find a better way to organize my ideas to present them to other people."

Vinicius de Souza

"So far it has been very fun and exciting. I cant wait to learn for about game design in future lectures."

Mathew Weber

"I'm enjoying the lectures and the material is also good."

Carlos Pereira

"This course had a wealth of information and good recourses. I felt like the board and table top game sections could be a course by it's self and the digital game part could be another course but I see why he combines them into one long course so this is easily a 4.5/5 star experience."

Kallun Sheppard

"Easy to follow. nice knowhow."

영일 송

"Very interesting course for those who look for a carreer in the Game Industry."

Hugo Forte Sclebin

"I loved the course, it helped me exactly with what I wanted as a beginner, which is learning how the World of Games work and how to analyse games better. The instructor teaches well and very clearly. 5 stars!"

Allan Calisto

"I found the content really good, because who never studied or has no knowledfe about the games area and programming, will learn the basics and surely will research from other areas to learn more."

Allan Oliveira da Silva

"I could get a great amount of information about Game Design without having to read several books and articles, which would make me feek like there's information missing. From here, I believe I have a great base to increment my knowledge. Congratulations!"

Marcos Rogério Defina Junior

"This course is clarifying, it showed me the way. The course is about basic concepts that are fundamental and aren't always so clear when you are a beginner. The teacher avoids making things difficult, speaking in a clear way that dont minimize the subjects."

Raphael Rodrigues Teixeira de Freitas

"Excellent course, expanded my horizons, many things that I saw and learned in this course, I'll take to my projects, the teacher is really cool, explains well, I only have compliments! I'll surely buy more courses from him!"

Felipe Oliveira de Melo

"Very good for those who want to enter the Game Development World and has no experience. Very Nice."

Rogério Links

"I found the course really interesting, exactly because I'm a begginer in the area and I needed to learn the basic principles, which was exactly what happened. I'm sure I'll be able to use the knowledge acquired to start creating my own games and escalate to the top."

Alexsandher Bentancourt

"This course is mandatory for those who want to enter the World of Gaming. In a very simple and direct way, the course showed me how to start developing games. I was frustrated, hitting my head agains the wall to learn Unreal Engine and after the course, I realised I was 'trying to run without knowing how to walk', congrats to the instructor!"

Rodrigo Caetano

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If you have any doubt about any of the contents presented in the course ,you can ask for help through the platform in the forum or asking the teacher privately through the platform chat.

Is it a programming course?

The course focuses on teaching an introduction to all Game Development areas. You'll learn to prototype games using Construct, but the focus is not only on programming.